Perkins Blowers | Axial Fans
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Axial Fans

Axial Fans

Perkin’s Axial Flow Fans covers a wide range of air quantities and pressures, and are suitable for common ventilation of plants as well as special industrial installations. These fans have cast aluminum alloy impellers with high-efficiency aerofoil section blades. They are designed to optimized the relationship between air quantity, pressure, and power consumption.

These fans can be tailored to various arrangements according to need. Arrangement (X): Direct Driven Vane Axial Fans. Arrangement (Y): Indirect Driven (Belt driven) Vane Axial Fans. The Vane axial fans are further classified as Fixed blade and Variable pitch Blade Fans. Normally foot mounted motors are used to power the impeller in an direct driven arrangement. In applications where the temperature and/or quality of air does not allow to flow over motor, we manufacture axial fans power train in IP55 Enclosure using ball bearings and V-Belt drive arrangement; virtually all parts become unexposed to the handled air.

Vane Axial Fans with Aluminium Blades

Vane Axial Fan, with Aluminum Blades in Direct Driven arrangement. Normally used for Industrial-purpose Ventilation and Exhaust applications. Applications:
• Textile Humidification
• Captive Power Plant Ventilations
• Generator Canopies
• Supply Air
• Exhaust/Venting applications

Vane Axial Fans with GRP Blades

Vane Axial Fan with GRP Blades (Energy Efficient Series) in Direct driven arrangement. Normally used for general-purpose ventilation and exhaust.
• Generator Canopies
• Exhaust Air Axial Flow Fan
• Roof Extractor
• Booster Fans for in-line ducts etc.

Vane Axial Indirect Driven Fans

Vane Axial Fan with Aluminum/GRP Blade in Indirect Driven arrangement (V-Belt driven). Normally used for High temperature & dusty air/fumes.

Bifurcating Fans

Bifurcating Fan with Aluminum/GRP Blade. Normally used for High temperature & dusty air/fumes. The Drive motor gets ventilation from a different chamber (usually exposed to atmosphere).

The process air is generally ducted at both ends of fans and travells without stricking electric motor. A drop in efficiency of around 25% is to be reckoned for such selections.