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Featured Product Categories

Other Products

* Industrial Axial-Fans
* Industrial Centrifugal Blowers
* Evaporative Air Cooling Systems (Media & Spray Type)
* Air Curtain (For Energy Conservation)
* Roof Extractors
* Cyclone Separator/Dust Collector
* Bag Houses (Bag Dust Collectors)
* Industrial Fume Exhaust Systems
* Wet Scrubber (For Hazardous Gases)
* Sound Proofing (D.G. Enclosure)
* Air Filters (HVAC)
* Air Control & Distribution Equipments (Dampers, Grills & Diffusers)

We also provide General purpose Ventilation Systems, Air Pressurization, and Energy Audit for Air Moving Equipments.
Perkins also takes pride in our custom-tailored solutions that revolve around well-engineered products maintained at competitive prices. All our products are available in an assortment of construction materials including mild and stainless steel, aluminum, plastics or even special alloys to meet the dynamic requirements of application and adopt newer technology as per changing times